Amels 24205

The Finishing Touch

Delivery may have been fast approaching for this 74-metre Amels 242 – whose name is yet to be revealed – but that did not prevent the crew, designers and all those involved pulling out all the stops to showcase the very best of what this perfectly-sized Amels Limited Editions has to offer.

Quayside Beauty

Located right in front of one Damen Yachting’s building halls, this Amels 242 owned her quayside position with the authority befitting of the fifth yacht in this successful 74-metre Limited Editions design and 40th Limited Editions. Personification of the Amels build quality, Limited Editions design evolution and signature exterior lines by Tim Heywood. The perfect display of timeless beauty with her very long decks and long flowing lines. The look of a yacht that emulates strength and ocean-travelling capability.

Design Evolution

Visitors on board also caught a first glimpse of how this Amels 242 has evolved from her predecessors. The addition of the jacuzzi on the Owner’s Forward Deck creates a wonderful outdoor relaxation area on the Owner’s Private deck and is a feature which has been carried through to the next Amels 242 in the series – the perfect example of Limited Editions design evolution.

Shipyard Showcase

If ever you wanted to catch a glimpse of the work that goes into the final stages of bringing an Amels Limited Editions together, a tour on board 24205 earned you just that. The custom interiors, designed by Winch Design, came together quite literally throughout the event, proving that whilst the show did go on, so did the craftsmanship and construction.

Unique Opportunity

It was not only the visible transformation of the yacht as progress proceeded rapidly from Day 1 to Day 3 of Private View, that created a unique insight into yacht building, adding the finishing touch and the Amels Limited Editions concept. As Captain Richard explains, the event itself also presented a rare chance to view yachts in a completely private and time-rich manner.

Richard Hawker Rotational Captain 24205

“The pride of the shipyard workers and contractors really shone though in this event. For once they got to show off their craftsmanship while on the job. The yachts and the shipyard were incredibly well presented. Being able to see the final stages before completion gives you an appreciation for the detail in each area.’’
“Showing a number of newly delivered and soon to be delivered yachts, was a unique opportunity for a select number of people. They were not only some of the first people to view these yachts, but they had the opportunity to take their time, almost by themselves.”

24205 at a glance:

· Amels 242 (74 metres / 242 ft) · Delivery scheduled 2020 · 1790 GT · 12 guests · 18 crew + Captain · Interior Design by Winch Design · Exterior Design by Tim Heywood · Naval Architecture by Damen Yachting